Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dean Martin

Dean Martin (1917-1995)

Dean Martin had a great career in both singing and acting. He started out early in his career working with Jerry Lewis. Making up the comedy team Martin and Lewis. Later in his career he would be part of The Rat Pack along with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. The original 'Ocean's 11' was a Rat Pack movie. Personally I know him best for his roles in the John Wayne movies 'Rio Bravo' and 'The Sons of Katie Elder'.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in their 'Martin and Lewis' days

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra in their Rat Pack days.

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra later in life.

'The Sons of Katie Elder' movie poster

Dean Martin's hand and footprints in front of the Chinese Theatre. Los Aneles, CA

Gravesite of Dean Martin. 'Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime' is his epitaph. It was of course one of his songs.

Dean Martin is buried at Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA along with other big names like Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau. I visited his gravesite on October 1, 2011. As you can see he was interred in a wall just like Marilyn Monroe.

Dean Martin and me. The goofy look on my face can be expained. As my sister was taking the picture our voluteer tour guide told me to say 'Dean' as the picture was being taken. So I am saying 'Dean' as the picture was being taken.

Dean Martin was born in Steubenville, Ohio. So it is possible that someday I will add his birthplace to this page. Someday...

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